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Virtual Badge is an all-in-one identity, registration, and access solution for events.

Issue digital ID badges that keep you in control of your events.

Digital IDs

Event Registration

Take Payments

Control Access

COVID-19 Mitigation


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All Your Event Management Information In One Place

Make it easier for everyone at your event by combining event registration, identification & payment into one easy mobile app.

With Virtual Badge, your staff can focus on providing the best event experience, not finding, fixing & freaking out about chaos.

On Demand Event Registration

Do you have trouble registering event attendees and collecting their information? Not anymore.

Virtual Badge solves event registration problems by:

- Providing an easy to use mobile app that members can download and register themselves with

- Creating customized workflows that can collect important information including payment

- Keeping track of all important information in each attendee's profile.

Mobile Event Tickets

Make every event easier for everyone by automatically issuing Virtual Badge tickets once registrations have been approved. Event managers can access the list of registrations on their smartphone or computer and can easily review information,

By using Virtual Badge for ticketing:

- There are No printers, No lines & No lost or faked badges

- You can pre-register attendees and get them their tickets before the event

- Every attendee will have a mobile app that they can use to increase engagement

Take Event Payments

Taking event registration payments is easy with Virtual Badge. Take payments from your attendees when they register for your event. Each issued ID card is proof of membership and display expiration dates

With Virtual Badge, you'll know your attendees paid because:

1) Only valid attendees will have an active Virtual Badge

2) Your organization can request payment with a customized onboarding process

3) If an attendee does not pay then they can't attend

Control Event Access

Sometimes you may have requirements that mean certain attendees can enter and others can't. Keeping track of who is where during an event can be really difficult without the right tools.

Use Virtual Badge to keep track of this information so you know:

- How many attendees were at your event

- How long attendees stayed in certain sections or areas of your event

- If you can let the attendee into your event or not.

Fight Against COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to "plague" us all. Protect your events from both COVID-19 and liability by using Virtual Badge to vet your attendees before they come on-site.

Virtual Badge offers the following COVID-19 mitigation tools:

1) Liability waiver forms that must be filled out before a ticket can be issued

2) Integration with COVID-19 testing protocols & vaccination certificate validation

3) Contact tracing in the even that somebody does get sick at your event.

Improve Communication & Coordination

Without paying thousands of dollars for your own custom built "event" app, how can your organization stay in contact with your attendees?
Looking up phone numbers or managing group texts just won't cut it.

With Virtual Badge, you get your own custom event app "out of the box" and can easily:

1) Send messages and alerts to attendees to let them know of important events or things they should be aware of

2) Collect real-time feedback from attendees about how they are enjoying their experience at your event

3) Issue tasks to your staff so they can stay on top of things and not let requests fall by the wayside

"We use Virtual Badge to manage events at the Country Club, which makes it easier for everybody to upload COVID-19 requirements and easier for us to know who is at the event."

Gordon Llewellyn, Security Director @ Mizner Country ClubEvent Management

The Only ID Badges Built For Event Management

Use Virtual Badge to manage your events so you can know who, what, where, when, and why


Virtual Badge lets you charge for your badges and use them as a ticket to your event. Once you've approved their event registration, they can pay for their badge. No badge = they did not pay for your event.

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Receive Instant

With Virtual Badge, you'll know how your attendees are feeling about any of your events. Any badge-holder can give you feedback in terms of surveys, requests, any more -- any type of form can be put into Virtual Badge for your event attendees to submit.

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Communication &

Each Virtual Badge also serves as a communication tool for your attendees. Ignore group texts and looking up phone numbers because once they have a Virtual Badge, you can communicate with them at any time.

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Receive Instant

With Virtual Badge, you'll know how your attendees are feeling about any of your events. Any badge-holder can give you feedback in terms of surveys, requests, any more -- any type of form can be put into Virtual Badge for your event attendees to submit.

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Learn About How Others Use Virtual Badge To Run Their Membership Programs

  • Virtual Badge Case Study: Buffalo Valley Youth Association

    Learn about how Virtual Badge is used to improve the way membership organizations operate, identify their members, and improve communication.

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  • Benefits of Combining Background Checks With Badging

    There are times when the management does not know if the background check of the applicants is complete or not. This delays the entire hiring process and can lead to unnecessary delays in the joining of the selected applicants.

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  • What Is Contractor Management?

    Because every attendee is required to complete these credentials, Mizner was able to host events while still being compliant with laws and regulations. Mizner has been proud that nobody has contracted COVID-19 at any of their events.

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Make Membership
Management Easier

Don't be stuck in the past with the way you manage members. With on demand onboarding & ID badging, Virtual Badge is the quickest and easiest way to manage a membership organization. Virtual Badge connects you to every one of your members.

  • On Demand ID Badging
  • Mobile Onboarding
  • HR System Integration
  • Background Screening Integration
  • Store & Track Certifications
  • Compliance Management
  • Visitor Management
  • Messaging & Alerts

Digital ID Badges Mean A
Better Membership Experience

Virtual Badge is your one stop shop for membership management needs. Beyond individual membership profiles, from the Virtual Badge platform, you have access to any information related to events, feedback, and communications. Make it easier to provide a better membership experience by turning your ID badges into full service membership tools.

  • Workforce Management
  • Track Time & Presence
  • Tasking & Assignments
  • Audit Logs
  • Field Service Management
  • Safety Management
  • Risk Management
  • Situational Awareness

Badge &
Identify Members

Virtual Badge lets you issue ID badges on demand to any potential members who want to join your program.

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Keep track of required compliance documentation & know who needs additional training.

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On Demand

Use Virtual Badge to rapidly add or onboard new members at any time, any where.

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Any member can use their Virtual Badge app to submit suggestions, feedback, or any other form.

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Time / Attendance

Eliminate problems caused by pen-and-paper time tracking systems and always know who & how long.

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Create Situational

Know what's happening - Virtual Badge lets you know exactly what's going on at any given time.

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Communicate With
Virtual Badges

Skip group texts by using Virtual Badge to send messages to any badge-holder at any time.

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Virtual Badge makes sure everybody follows the same set of safety rules & procedures.

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Virtual Badge makes responding to issues easier by letting you know who, what, when, where, and why.

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Different Ways To Use Virtual Badge for Membership Management

Issue badges with ease, and manage your people, their compliance, and the work they do from just your mobile phone. It's that easy with Virtual Badge!

Join thousands of happy Virtual Badge users today!

"Virtual Badge gives our non-profit and volunteer clients the option of issuing a mobile ID badge immediately when a background check clears. This turns badging into a one-step process."

Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director @ Sterling Volunteer Industry

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