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What Is Virtual Badge?

With Virtual Badge, you can create ID badges using your mobile phone that can be issued, revoked, and managed remotely.

We created Virtual Badge because we wanted to give HR, security, and compliance personnel tools to keep track of their people.

We first started using Virtual Badge as a tool for us to help respond to emergencies and disasters. After a disaster, there are thousands of people arriving to help and without a digital identity system, keeping track of who these people are and what they do was next to impossible.

We've taken the same concepts we use during disaster response to help organizations solve every day issues. We're excited to bring the concept of digital IDs from the future to the present, so stay tuned as we continue to improve our product!

With Virtual Badge, your organization can:

Virtual Badge Is:

Georges Duplessy


Schedule with me Georges published his first computer program at 12 years old while in Haiti.

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Schedule time with me John is an experienced technologist with more than 10 years of experience.

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Advisory Board

Joseph Paresi


Joseph Paresi is the Founder and former Chairman and CEO of IDSS Holdings, Inc.

Jim Adkins


Jim is a business owner and helps business owners as a SCORE (part of the SBA) mentor and coach.

Venture Mentor Team


The Venture Mentoring Team (The VMT) is a nonprofit educational 501(c)(3) dedicated to fostering the startup community by training and credentialing VMT Mentors and then connecting them with the best and brightest entrepreneurs to help startups and small businesses reach their full potential.