Improve Security and Reduce Fraud at your Healthcare Facility

Smartphone ID Badges for your Healthcare Organization
Let Virtual Badge make your badging processes easier, cheaper, and safer.
Smartphone Badges
Issue and display ID badges with a convenient smart-phone app
Visitor Management
Virtual Badge lets you know who is visiting and when they will arrive 
Security Documentation
Easily document any security issues from the Virtual Badge mobile app
Expire Virtual Badges remotely to avoid headaches from collecting old badges
Messaging & Alerts
Use Virtual Badge to send alerts and messages to any badge holders
Credential Management
Store important certifications, licenses, and other credentials in an encrypted QR code
How Virtual Badge Works
Virtual Badge is Anywhere, Anytime - from the classroom to the construction site.  Redefine what badging means with a modern, mobile solution.  Issue Virtual Badges quicker and easier than with any traditional system.  Virtual Badge is the easiest and most economical way to badge and manage your employees, visitors, contractors, and more!
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