You're Wasting Time Onboarding & Badging Workers
You have a project or event that will begin really soon, and it has lots of people who need to work.  You’re going to have manage these people, so how do you do it?  You know you have to issue badges, but managing identities is really time-consuming and annoying.  You probably don’t have the time to order a badge printer system and manage the process yourself.  You might also need to see documentation from each worker for job compliance. Let us help.
Remote Onboarding

We know you don’t have the time or desire to individually create each worker badge, and you definitely don’t want to pay your employees to do it either -- using labor for the project is what’s most important.  So, rather than buying an expensive, hard to use badging system where you have to learn a complex system where you’ll need to staff printers and either issue ID cards in person or mail them, Virtual Badge allows your workers to onboard themselves.  

Your workers simply download our Virtual Badge app, create an account, and request a badge from your organization.  You and your supervisors will get a notification on your smartphone of a new badge request, where with one-tap you can review the worker’s information and approve/deny the request.  Once approved, the worker’s badge is ready to go.  It’s that easy, and we guarantee it’ll save you time and money.

Worker Credentialing

Sometimes your jobs may require that workers have a specific skill-set or have certain certifications.  Vetting and managing these requirements may be a nightmare that can take you away from completing the project.  We know you don’t want to deal with paperwork, so that’s why you can require documentation and credentials to be attached to a worker’s badge application.  

Your workers upload any required documents when they request a Virtual Badge, and your staff can review and certify that the documentation is correct with their smartphone or computer.  We can help you store information ranging from driver’s licenses to training certifications.  If there’s a missing document or the information isn’t correct, you can easily reject the badge and tell the worker to upload the correct certificate.  Our cloud system securely stores this information for you.

Start Issuing Virtual Badges Today!
We made Virtual Badge so you could spend more time managing your job-site.  We’d love to help your project function more smoothly and finish on time.  Contact us now to use Virtual Badge to save time onboarding your workers.