Improve Accountability With Virtual Badge Audit Logs

The Problem With Auditing Contractor Work Today

Sometimes, it can be really tough and take forever to figure out if a contractor is actually doing their work properly. Usually, a work-audit requires a thorough investigation and it can mean trying to locate papers that have been filed away, sometimes for months.

Virtual Badge can help save your organization from the headaches caused by dispute investigations. With Virtual Badge, all information collected by the ID badge is auditable and can be easily accessed by administrators.

Virtual Badge: Make It Easier To Audit Contractor Work

Virtual Badge can help save your organization long, drawn out contractor-work disputes that can't be proven. Instead, Virtual Badge will keep a record of work activities that have been stored in the system, which can be easily accessed to provide accountability or proof.

  • Contractors download the free Virtual Badge app
  • Contractors are issued a Virtual Badge from your organization
  • Contractors record different work they perform while on the job
  • Virtual Badge records their time and attendance
  • Admins can audit any completed jobs to see if work was done correctly

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

In Healthcare

Easily onboard contractors and track the work they do to make sure everything is done correctly.

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For Contractors

Upgrade a contractor management program by providing higher levels of accountability and trust.

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In Construction

Provide management with the tools they need to reduce or eliminate contractor work disputes.

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