Benefits of Identity Access and Management


Identity Access and Management (IAM) is widely being used in business for ensuring better security measures. IAM is basically a system with one or more applications which stores and manages user identities. Popular IAM systems like Virtual Badge simplifies the authorization and access to business resources by the users. It enhances the productivity of the businesses considerably. The key benefits of IAM are discussed below:

Centralized Access Control

The biggest advantage of implementing the IAM is that it provides centralized access control to provide centralized authentication, authorization, and audit mechanisms. IAM systems make sure that the right user has access to the right business resource at the right time. By ensuring this, IAM greatly improves the pace at which work is done and boosts productivity drastically.

Improved User Experience

IAM solutions are very user-friendly and provide a great user experience. Single Sign-On (SSO) enables the users to log into one application and then seamlessly navigate into other business applications with considerable ease. They do not have to remember different passwords for each application rather they can experience automatic logins each time they move to a different networked device.

Reduced Data Breaches

IAM applications like Single Sign-On (SSO), Federation SSO, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) etc. significantly reduces the number of different passwords needed to access business applications. IAM systems also make use of encryption and digital signatures to protect sensitive data. IAM makes it easier for the IT department to assess which user was compromised and what data has been accessed during the breach.

Easy Access

IAM allows the users simplified and easy access to the interconnected systems irrespective of the location of the user. This feature is particularly helpful to large corporations doing global business to provide ease of access to staff, partners, and clients.  An efficient IAM allows single-click access to the business resources on the mobile platform of the authorized user. This ensures ready and quick availability of resources to the employees which considerably increases their productivity.

Reduced Cost

A lot of coordinated efforts and resources are required to keep the entire organization secure given the different types of applications, users, and devices. Use of IAM standardizes identity management, authentication, and authorization needed for accessing resources. This helps to save time and money and reduces risks to the business.  Cloud-based IAM systems allow users to access the information from anywhere in the world and also provides services like extensive audit trails, analytics, access rules etc.