Benefits of Running Background Checks Using Virtual Badge


Virtual Badge is a revolutionary system which makes the background checks for hiring very simple and effective. Using the mobile-based platform, it integrates the background check processes with the hiring processes of the employers seamlessly. Some of the key benefits of using Virtual Badge for background checks are as follows:

Mobile-Based Platform

Virtual Badge is a mobile-based platform which simplifies the background checks during hiring. The employers can manage each step from their mobile or web browser. They can track if the background check has been completed and the badge has been issued or not. The employers can also check the results of regular background checks, thereby making their work simpler and efficient.

Continuous Background Checks

Background checks should not be considered a one-time activity. It should be done on a regular basis to keep tab of any recent developments which may impact the company. Virtual Badge seamlessly integrates the background check into the hiring process and makes it a regular and continuous exercise. There can be a hit on the record of staff which the employers may want to know before it becomes a threat for them. Using Virtual Badge, the employers can track the background of their staff regularly and ensure their staff is ideal for the work every time.

Reduces Time Lag

There are times when the management does not know if the background check of the applicants is complete or not. This delays the entire hiring process and can lead to unnecessary delays in the joining of the selected applicants. This defeats the entire purpose of hiring and adversely impacts productivity. With Virtual Badge, such time lag is reduced considerably. The background checks are done and once completed the applicant is issued the Virtual Badge. They can download the badge on their mobile application and can use it for joining.

Notifies Staff of Next Background Checks

As Virtual Badge makes the background checks a continuous and ongoing process, it has to be scheduled effectively to be successful. Virtual Badge automates the process of scheduling the subsequent background checks. The employees are communicated about their upcoming background checks which makes the entire process of running the background checks convenient and transparent for them.

Relieves Managers from Routine Tasks

Using an efficient system like the Virtual Badge relieves the managers from routine works related to background checks. Most of the routine and manual tasks related to running background checks are automated and managed by the system. This ensures that the managers are not tied up with these mundane works and they get more time to focus on other important strategic aspects of the business. This contributes towards improving the productivity of the business and keeps the managers motivated too.