Benefits of Workforce Management


Workforce management is a systematic and scientific approach used for optimizing work scheduling and improving staff productivity. It ensures that the resources are deployed in the right place and at the right time. Workforce management includes scheduling, forecasting, skills management, timekeeping, attendance management etc. The crux of workforce management is to ensure that employees with the relevant skills are put on the specific tasks and that they are available to meet the task requirement when required. Some of the other key benefits of workforce management are as follows:

Improves Employee Motivation

With the use of well-planned workforce management, the scheduling of the employees and the management of their off-time becomes more efficient. Staff can make optimal utilization of their time and this reduces their burden and the need to work extra hours. This makes the staff happy and increases the employee motivation levels which further boosts productivity.

Improves Retention

Workforce management results in a well-managed workforce and a positive work environment. It also increases employee motivation as discussed earlier. When the staff is provided the right work environment and their productivity increases, they feel motivated and this leads to reduced attrition and improved retention.

Increases Productivity

Effective workforce management ensures that the right people with the required skills are deployed for specific tasks. This leads to better productivity levels without compromising on the quality of work. The staff’s time is scheduled efficiently and they have less idle time which increases the productivity. 

Reduced Expenses

Workforce management ensures that human resources are strategically and optimally deployed to complete specific tasks. It allows the managers to prepare more efficient time schedules for the workforce and adjust the staffing levels as per the requirement. This leads to cost optimization and companies can save up to 33% on unplanned overtime.  

How Virtual Badge Helps

Virtual Badge is a holistic system which makes the entire process of hiring and joining of the applicants seamless. It eliminates the delays between background verification and joining of the applicants meaning the new recruits are deployed immediately. Their background checks are regularly done to ensure they continue to be the best fit for the job. Managers can also use Virtual Badge to check the check-in and check-out times of the staff, time spent by them in particular tasks and also assign and review new tasks over a mobile platform. It also provides enhanced communication channels for tracking and reviewing the task status. Virtual Badge makes the process of workforce management simple and effective.