Improving Safety & Security for Youth Sports:  Buffalo Valley Youth Association
Making sure that youth sporting events are a safe and secure environment for minors is extremely important.  When a family sends their child to play baseball or soccer, they expect that children will be taken care of and not placed in harm's way.  In this world of uncertainty, it's paramount that adults who participate in youth sports be vetted before they can coach, volunteer, or do any related work.  With most parents and coaches working on a volunteer basis, it's important to have a simple identity management system that busy associations and parents can pick up and use easily.  Traditional badging systems cause inconveniences for both youth associations and parents alike.  That's why the Buffalo Valley Youth Association uses Virtual Badge to vet, badge, and communicate with their coaches and staff.
Traditional Badging Systems Are Inconvenient

With spring basketball and baseball seasons approaching, Buffalo Valley Youth Association president Johny McDow had a problem:  he needed to provide a simple and easy way to ensure the safety and security of his members while on the field.  Previously, Buffalo Valley Youth Association issued plastic ID cards to coaches, tied to a background check, but this method can waste time and causes problems.

Generally speaking, the typical time-intensive process involves making a prospective coach drive to the association office and get their badge made in person.  Usually, youth sports coaches and volunteers are parents who have day jobs and don't have free time.  Not getting a badge in time can mean that a parent might not be able to coach, or a game might not even be able to start.  These issues caused Johny to use Virtual Badge as a way to expedite coach registrations and eliminate game-day issues.


Buffalo Valley Youth Association Issues Badges Remotely

Enter Virtual Badge.  By using smartphone ID cards, Buffalo Valley Youth Association is able to allow their coaches to register remotely.  Rather than take the time required to show up in person to get a badge, prospective coaches and volunteers download the Virtual Badge app, create their account, and request a Buffalo Valley Youth Association badge.  Once the person's background check is processed, staff will approve the Virtual Badge request, and the coach's badge will be issued.

Remote onboarding provides several benefits beyond saving time and being a convenient way to issue badges.  With an association-wide policy that forbids parents from going on the field without having a background check and badge, problems used to arise during game days.  Now, if a parent or volunteer needs a badge, they can download the Virtual Badge app, request a badge, and a Buffalo Valley Youth Association staff member can approve or deny the request instantly.

Start Issuing Virtual Badges Today!
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