Virtual Badge's Capabilities
Virtual Badge provides solutions for everyday issues and specific problems.  Turn your workers smartphones into ID badges, data collection tools, and a coordination platform.

Combining identity and workforce management helps you gain greater visibility on your organization.  Learn how Virtual Badge solutions can help improve efficiency, engagement, and productivity.
Onboarding workers can be a pain that no one wants to deal with.  It can be very labor intensive to collect worker information, store and categorize required documents, and assign a badge so they can start work.

Virtual Badge can help your organization onboard quicker, easier, and cheaper.  We make onboarding a remote process, done from your smartphone.  With Virtual Badge, you won't have to sort through annoying paperwork, print or mail ID cards, or have employees wait in line.

Your workers download the Virtual Badge app, create their account, and begin a customized registration process for your organization.  You'll receive a notification when a worker has completed their application, and you can review their information and approve or deny their badge, it's that easy!
Onboard your workers quicker and easier using Virtual Badge.  Spend more time on operations and less time on administration.
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Credentialing workers so that everyone is compliant takes time and effort.  It can be a real challenge to not become overwhelmed with certifications to the corresponding worker.  This problem gets magnified when dealing with contractors, as it is the primary organization's responsibility to ensure their contractors are compliant.

Virtual Badge provides a credentialing solution that will help you make sure your workers are credentialed and compliant for your jobs.  When workers apply for a Virtual Badge, your organization can require them to upload OSHA certifications, safety documentation, a driver's license photo, or other credentials.

Virtual Badge can help manage credential expirations, and will notify the badge-holder when their credential is about to expire.  Storing credentials in Virtual Badge can reduce your organizations liability and risk.


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Visitor Management & Attendance Tracking
Virtual Badge can help you track visitors and attendance for your facility, event, and activities.  You'll know who is coming, when they'll arrive, and who they'll meet because they'll register for a Virtual Badge.  Even if they don't have a smartphone, you can still track their attendance with Virtual Badge.

Rather than using bulky card printers and requiring a large staff to maintain them, Virtual Badge uses your smartphone's camera to scan a QR code, which checks the user in and provides security and identity validation.  Virtual Badge scans are GPS-located so you'll always know if the data matches up right.

You can also use Virtual Badge as a time tracking tool.  Scan their Virtual Badge when they arrive at the gate or the classroom, and export the time logs, which can be used for payment or auditing purposes.  Using your smartphone as a security and attendance scanner is simple, easy, and convenient.
Workforce Management

Without a steady flow of accurate information, project management can be extremely difficult.  Virtual Badge can help you get the information you need to make your operations more efficient.  By tying identities to job tasks, it's easy to know who did the work and if it was done correctly.

Replacing pen and paper forms with Virtual Badge data collection can improve the accuracy and quality of information for your organization.  Using Virtual Badge to issue work assignments can solve communication gaps and improve overall efficiency.  Attach photos and signatures to daily site assessments and show what work was finished and who completed.  Virtual Badge will help you eliminate issues with workforce management.


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