Collect Required Worker Documentation Easier
When onboarding workers, contractors and temporary staff, it can be difficult to collect and store required documentation such as licenses and training certificates.  Often, a project can't begin until all required documents have been processed.  Delays during onboarding can be costly and can set a project back by days, even weeks.

Virtual Badge can help your organization collect required documentation easier.  With Virtual Badge, your onboarding process can be entirely mobile, which can save you from dealing with annoying paperwork and delays.  Start using Virtual Badge today!
Virtual Badge Helps You Collect Required Worker Documentation Easier
Download the Virtual Badge app and request a badge from your company to begin the onboarding process.  It's that easy.
Virtual Badge lets your workers upload required documentation, certifications, and credentials, and stores them securely.
When a worker has uploaded all of their required files, you can release their Virtual Badge remotely, and they can begin work.