Manage Your Personnel and Projects Easier
Virtual Badge helps you onboard quicker, communicate easier, and manage projects more effectively.
Manage your business with smartphone ID cards to reduce administration and improve productivity.
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Virtual Badge lets you coordinate and communicate with your workforce anywhere, anytime.  Smartphone ID cards can help solve your headaches related to employee & job management and can reduce your organization's risk exposure and direct labor costs.
Virtual Badge can make it easier for you to manage your personnel and projects.  Eliminate issues related to onboarding, workforce management, and accountability.  With Virtual Badge, you can manage worker documentation, communicate with them in the field, and manage the jobs they complete.  Gain accountability and efficiency because Virtual Badge can help you process important information faster.
Manage Personnel & Projects Easier With Virtual Badge
Remote Onboarding
Use your smartphone to onboard workers remotely.  Take your onboarding process online with Virtual Badge.
Credential Storage
Manage worker documentation easier with Virtual Badge, and keep track of your workers' skills and certifications. 
Combine background checks with Virtual Badge to provide assurance that your people are properly screened to do work.
Announcements & Messages
Keep in contact with your people and send messages and announcements with Virtual Badge.  No more group texts.
Project Management
Manage multiple projects from your smartphone.  All the information for each project phase at your fingertips, anytime.
Surveys & Forms
Eliminate pen-and-paper job reporting by using mobile surveys.  Improve efficiency with instant feedback from the field.
Attendance Tracking
Automatically track worker attendance and time on-site with Virtual Badge, and audit time to help prevent disputes.
Reports & Exports
Create PDF reports about your people and projects, so you can know where to improve, and who is doing the best job.
The Future of Identity Management
Onboarding doesn't have to be an annoying, time-consuming process.  Virtual Badge is the world's first smartphone ID card system, which helps you onboard workers remotely, communicate with them, and manage their projects.  Virtual Badge can help reduce your organization's risk exposure and direct labor costs.  Start using Virtual Badge to issue badges and manage projects today!
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