Digital ID Badges For Your Employees
Virtual Badge is an ID badging system and employee onboarding solution that helps your organization issue badges, collect documentation, and coordinate people faster and more easily than with any traditional methods.
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Traditional ID badging and onboarding systems make identity management a pain for everyone.  No one wants to buy supplies, no one wants to show up to get their photo taken, and no one wants to staff a badge printer all day.  Virtual Badge is an ID badging system designed to help your organization stop wasting time and letting your workers get frustrated by delays.
Virtual Badge is badge making software for the 21st century.  Manage the employee onboarding process with Virtual Badge and collect documentation, issue badges, and communicate with your employees with ease. 
Issue Digital ID Badges, Collect Documentation, & Coordinate People More Easily
Identity Management
Digital ID Badges
Collect Documentation
Employee Onboarding System
Temporary Badges
Coordinate Workers
A Digital ID Badge And Employee Onboarding Solution
Getting employees on the job doesn't have to be an annoying, time-consuming process.  It's easy with Virtual Badge, which speeds up the onboarding process by helping you to collect employee documentation, issue badges, and communicate with your people. 
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