Digital IDs Prove Compliance To Protect Against Audits & Penalties

Don’t Stress About EHS & OSHA Audits Because Virtual Badge Keeps You Prepared

Virtual Badge gives you the tools to prove compliance across your whole organization

Proving regulatory compliance during an audit can be tough for any organization. Sometimes it can be difficult to match up policies & procedures vs what's happening in the field, and this can cause big problems & large delays when producing proof of compliance. The problem can get a lot larger if the organization has projects across multiple regions, involving hundreds of employees and contractors.

Virtual Badge is designed to help eliminate compliance audit issues. Digital ID badges means accessing data for matching up personnel records, proving work was done correctly, and tracking expiration dates for credentials is available anywhere, anytime. Instead of dealing with paperwork, making phone calls to verify answers, and taking hours to prove job compliance, supervisors can use Virtual Badge to instantly produce this proof. Create exports to show information like who works on-site, who has what certifications, proof of who has accepted the rules, and even show that safety issues were followed-up with and fixed. With Virtual Badge, you'll have the tools to prove compliance across your entire organization.

  • Admins define what credentials or certifications are required & uploads site & safety rules
  • Workers & contractors download the Virtual Badge app to request their badges
  • Workers upload required credentials, certifications & approve site & safety rules
  • Admins verify credentials, licenses, and store worker approvals / acknowledgements
  • Workers get their Virtual Badges issued and can document work & any issues
  • In the event of an audit, Admins can export any worker's proof of compliance & safety

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How Do I Use This In The Real World?

In Healthcare

Store proof in real-time that workers are compliant and have accepted the rules & procedures at your facilities.

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For Contractors

Reduce overall risk by keeping contractors compliant with state requirements & have accepted your job-site rules.

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In Construction

Make EHS managers' lives easier because they'll be able to prove that workers are compliant and following procedure.

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