Unannounced Visitors Can Create Chaos & Problems

Virtual Badge Lets You Know Who Is Coming Before They Even Arrive

Digital IDs keep surprise visits & lost deliveries from ruining your day

We all have to deal with late deliveries, it's a part of life and it happens. What shouldn't happen is your organization finding out hours after the fact. With Virtual Badge you can keep track of where your stuff is and when it arrives.

With Virtual Badge you will know where your drivers and deliveries are. When they arrive on site, your admins will get notified so you can keep track of the materials on site. If something doesn't arrive, with Virtual Badge you can document it to keep your suppliers honest.

Issue Virtual Badges to your vendors and drivers so you'll know who is delivering supplies, where they are going, and when they'll arrive. Route vendors easily to the right destination and document supply deliveries with Virtual Badge so you can make sure that the right materials get to the right job site. Use collected vendor delivery info for accountability, efficiency, and logistics purposes to save time and eliminate issues.

  • Pre-Issue Virtual Badges To Delivery Drivers
  • Delivery Drivers Record When They'll Arrive & What They're Bringing
  • Supervisors Will Know When Deliveries Are Arriving
  • Supervisors Check-In Delivery Drivers
  • Admins Know When Deliveries Arrive & What They Are

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How Do I Use This In The Real World?

In Healthcare

Know when and to which facility deliveries will arrive, and be able to log what supplies have been delivered.

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For Contractors

Manage vendor deliveries more efficiently because supervisors will always know who is coming and what they're bringing.

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In Construction

Make job-site deliveries easier to keep track of because your superintendents and project managers know who is coming.

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