Eliminate Compliance Issues &
Make Credentialing Workers Easier
Virtual Badge is a smartphone ID system that helps you store and display
the required credentials to maintain compliance for your organization. 
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Virtual Badge connects you to your workforce anywhere, anytime.  By using Smartphone ID cards, you can solve credential and compliance issues that keep you up at night.  Store and display required credentialing documentation with Virtual Badge.
Virtual Badge is the first smartphone ID system.  With Virtual Badge, you can upload and manage required credentials such as OSHA and equipment training certificates, additional identity verification documents, contractor licenses, and more.  Virtual Badge credentials will keep your workers compliant and up-to-date.
Stay In Compliance Easier With Virtual Badge
Remote Onboarding
Require credentials to be uploaded when your people get their badges.  Use your smartphone to onboard workers remotely. 
Credential Storage
Manage worker documentation easier with Virtual Badge, and keep track of your workers' skills and certifications. 
Expiration Reminders
Virtual Badge will notify your people when their credentials are about to expire so they know they need to get re-certified ASAP. 
Using Virtual Badge to store and manage credentials can help to reduce your organization's risk exposure.
The Future of Credential Management
Virtual Badge is what credentialing is supposed to be.  Redefine the way your company stores and validates credentials by loading your documentation into our secure storage portal. Virtual Badge can help you stay in compliance for a multitude of credentials, ranging from construction, safety, health, and EMS credentials.
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