Credential Management Made Easy
Virtual Badge is a credential management system that makes it easier to track certifications, job qualifications, and manage compliance.
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Compliance management issues can cause big problems.  Without a proper credential management system, it can be extremely difficult to track certifications, job qualifications, and thus, stay in compliance.  Virtual Badge can be your personal assistant, reminding your workers when certifications will expire and helping you manage worker credentials more easily.
Virtual Badge uses smart badges that help you manage compliance, track certifications, and manage job qualifications.  Virtual Badge is designed to manage worker credentials so you can spend more time getting things done and less time on corporate compliance.
Virtual Badge:  Manage Worker Credentials, Track Certifications, & Manage Compliance 
Credential Management
Compliant Workers
Track Certifications
Compliance Management
Manage Job Qualifications
Manage Documentation
Simplified Credential Management
Virtual Badge helps your organization manage compliance more easily.  With smart badges, you can manage worker credentials, track certifications, and collect documentation.  Try Virtual Badge today!
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