Currents Trends in Background Check for Hiring


The traditional background checks involved in hiring are cumbersome and time-consuming processes. It involves a lot of data mining and analysis for screening the background of the applicants. The advent of new and improved technologies have made the process of background checks more accurate, reliable, and efficient. Improved efficiency of the background checks leads to much-improved quality of hiring and an increase in productivity. With the growth in freelancing jobs, background checks have become even more important and relevant. Some of the latest trends in background checks during the process of hiring are discussed below:

Mobile-Based Platforms

Mobile platforms and apps are the current trends for facilitating background checks for hiring. These mobile platforms make the screening process more flexible and on the go. The mobile-based platforms make background checks seamless and efficient. Virtual badging is a similar mobile platform which provides efficient results in background checks.

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is being used to make the background verification process faster and more reliable. With the use of AI, HR professionals can make informed decisions about the hiring of the ideal candidates. Use of AI relieves people from carrying out mundane tasks in the background verification process and eliminates the scope of human error. AI enabled background checks to offer flexibility in the screening process by processing records in multiple languages quickly and accurately. The managers will be left with the choice of making decisions while the routine works will be automated going forward.

Ban the Box Regulations

Till January 2018, 30 states in the US have passed “Ban the Box” laws. Under this law, the applicants will not be inquired about their past criminal records in the job applications. The reason for this law is to ensure that the applicants get a fair chance in the hiring process and they are not discriminated against in the early stages of hiring based on their criminal records.

Continual Background Check Process

Continuous background checks are becoming more prominent. While background check was considered as a one-time exercise, it can become redundant if the hired candidates get a hit on their record. Virtual badging is one such tool which enables the companies to conduct continuous background checks. When a hired candidate’s background is affected by situations which are not desirable, the Virtual Badge issued to them during the hiring process can be revoked. This makes the process of background checks more relevant to the hiring process.