Why Digital ID Cards Mean Better Contractor Identification

Why Digital ID Cards Mean Better Contractor Identification

Why Digital ID Cards Mean Better Contractor Identification


Brand Momentum is a leading Canadian sales, marketing & retail solutions provider that deploy sales & merchandising professionals at retail locations across Canada. Brand Momentum can design, create, and operate new retail operations from the ground up, take over the operation of existing locations, and even provide staffing at a customer’s retail operation.


Because Brand Momentum places contractors at retail locations they need an easy, rapid, and secure way to identify those contractors to the businesses they work at. With the company’s headquarters being in Toronto and Montreal, Brand Momentum’s managers had problems issuing plastic ID badges to contractors all across Canada.

Plastic ID cards ended up being super expensive due to supplies, printing, and mailing costs, and the ID badges weren’t arriving in time for a contractor to start work. Then, once a contractor finished their work, the company had to spend (waste) time trying to collect the ID badge so it couldn’t be used again.

Enter Virtual Badge.


Brand Momentum reached out to Virtual Badge with an immediate need to badge over 50 contractors. Luckily because Virtual Badge is a Software as a Service, the team was able to implement the app in under 48 hours, and Brand Momentum was able to immediately issue badges.

The Virtual Badging process is super simple compared to any traditional ID card system:

1) Brand Momentum contractors receive an automatic email from management that includes instructions to get a badge, download links to get the Apple or Android mobile app, and a Youtube video explaining everything.

2) The contractor downloads Virtual Badge, creates their account, and requests a badge from Brand Momentum

3) Each type of badge (Ex- L’Oreal, Intuit, SC Johnson, GSK, etc) can be loaded with different requirements, expiration dates, and other types of customized setup.
Once the badge is requested, Brand Momentum admins receive an email and a notification telling them to review, edit, approve, or reject the badge.

4) Once approved, the Virtual Badge will be active and visible on their phone. They can display it when they show up for work, and when their contract ends the badge can be instantly deactivated by a Brand Momentum manager.


Brand Momentum has been able to greatly increase their ability to get contractors on the job quicker than ever before, thanks to Virtual Badge. Managers can spend less time managing badging, and more time getting new business opportunities. Contractors don’t have to wait for a badge, and don’t have to worry about losing them either.