Easier Worker Screenings With Virtual Badge
Managing background screenings can be a real headache, especially if you have to deal with temporary workers and renewals.  Often, organizations issue badges as proof of a background check, but these checks should be re-run every year.  Managing this process and the corresponding badges is a security issue and can take up way too much of your time.

Thankfully, Virtual Badge can turn the onboarding and background check nightmare into a simple and easy process that you can manage from your smartphone.  You'll always know who has a valid check and badge, and you'll know who needs to get re-checked and when.
Combine Onboarding With Background Checks Today
Issue a background check and badge at the same time, making onboarding and personnel vetting much easier and quicker.
Virtual Badge will notify you and your people of when they need to get their background check re-issued or when a credential will expire.
Reduce your risk and exposure by being able to manage your peoples' badges and background checks with your smartphone.