A Proven Emergency Management Solution

Virtual Badge is a "Best Practice" for Emergency Management

The Problem With Emergency Management Today

After a disaster, critical information must be reported as quickly as possible. We built a technology that is used during emergency operations to coordinate an efficient and timely response. Our software, called Virtual Badge, is an mobile and web-based badging and data collection solution that improves the efficiency of collecting and analyzing critical information.

By replacing traditional documentation methods, Virtual Badge improves the speed and accuracy of operations by increasing accountability and improving the quality of actionable information. Virtual Badge is used for two main functions in emergency management: identity management for personnel and photo-enabled activity reporting for mobile operations.

Virtual Badge: Improve Emergency Response Capabilities

Virtual Badge is a proven emergency response solution that has been used for more than 10 years across the globe. Digital ID badges have repeatedly been named a "Best Practice" from organizations such as the United States Coast Guard, British Petroleum, FEMA, and Jamaican Government.

  • Workers Receive Their Virtual Badges
  • Before A Disaster, Everyone Gets Notified Of Their Duties
  • After A Disaster, Workers Use Virtual Badge To Mark Themselves Safe
  • Workers Use Virtual Badge To Record Damage & Track Hours
  • Admins Can Create Detailed Reports Instantly

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

In Healthcare

Upgrade emergency management because Virtual Badge improves coordination and reduces response times.

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For Contractors

Onboard massive groups of post-disaster contractors and track all of the work they do using just your smartphone.

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In Construction

Make sure everyone knows what they need to do before a disaster and make sure everyone is safe after the disaster passes.

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