Essential Tips and Resources for Warehouse Managers


Warehouse managers have an incredibly complex and demanding job. They have to oversee every step in the receiving, warehousing, and distributing process while maintaining compliance with regulations and keeping their employees safe. In a complicated and fast-paced job like this, there’s always something that can go wrong. Thankfully, taking steps to improve warehouse management can increase productivity, safety, security, and compliance within your business.

Here are some excellent tips to implement in your own warehouse!


Increasing Warehouse Productivity

A productive warehouse runs like a well-oiled machine, meeting customer expectations while increasing job satisfaction among employees. From purchasing new equipment to optimizing your warehouse layout, there are several ways to boost the productivity of your warehouse.

  • Develop a strategic warehouse operations plan that details every element of your warehouse, from receiving and storage to shipping and returns.
  • You can boost the speed of order fulfillment by setting up a specific picking method.
  • Use time tracking software to keep track of schedules and monitor shifts. Improve productivity by altering schedules to fit the needs of your warehouse.
  • Improving employee comfort is another great way to boost productivity. Try installing air conditioning, providing fatigue mats, and scheduling more frequent breaks.


Warehouse Security Considerations

Warehouses are prone to several security vulnerabilities that can leave businesses at risk of data loss, break-ins, and employee theft. But meeting the security needs of your warehouse doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it seems.

  • Invest in a security system and take care to eliminate weaknesses and blind spots; do research to make sure you get an appropriate value for your money.
  • Screen your employees before hiring. While it may add time to your hiring process, running criminal background checks will help you weed out high-risk applicants.
  • Consider using virtual ID badges to help reduce lost physical badges and, in turn, help increase the security of your warehouse.


Keeping Your Workers Safe

While modern safety regulations have resulted in falling numbers of warehouse injuries, accidents still occur. Safety in the warehouse should be your top priority!

  • Invest in safety equipment to protect your workers from common warehouse
  • Use durable, custom-made signs around your warehouse to warn employees of potential hazards, from wet floors to dangerous equipment.
  • Provide safety training during employee onboarding and offer refresher training courses once in a while. Hold a training session any time you obtain new equipment or change the layout of your warehouse.


Meeting Regulatory Standards

The retail supply chain is imbued with regulations. Failure to comply with federal, state, and local requirements could mean fines and penalties.

  • Learn about the unique storage requirements for hazardous products and temperature-sensitive products. Many products cannot be safely stored near each other.
  • If your business stores food or pharmaceutical products, you will need to take special precautions to prevent cross-contact.


The best warehouse managers know how to protect their employees while maintaining a high level of productivity, and you can too! Running a safe, efficient, and compliant warehouse takes hard work and attention to detail. Use these tips and resources to take the stress out of warehouse management and thrive in your role.