Virtual Badge For
Event Management

Use Digital IDs To Coordinate Events, Improve
Engagement & Increase Communication

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Virtual Badge Connects Attendees With Staff For Smoother Running Events

Digital ID badges make it easier to run events by combining ID badges, messaging, attendance tracking, and feedback surveys into one mobile app. Connect your staff with event attendees to reduce response times to issues and keep a real-time feedback channel open. With Virtual Badge, improve coordination and increase event engagement.

  • Attendees Download The Virtual Badge App
  • Attendees Register To Attend Your Event & May Optionally Pay Your Fees
  • Attendees Take A Selfie & Upload Any Requested Information
  • Event Staff Approves Or Denies Virtual Badges
  • Attendees With Approved Badges Arrive At Event
  • Event Staff Sends Messages To Attendees' Virtual Badges
  • Attendees Submit Feedback Forms Using Virtual Badge
  • When Event Ends, Staff Analyzes Data Like Time At Event, Feedback, etc

How Does Virtual Badge Work For Event Management?

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

  • For Schools

    Pre-register event attendees, track volunteer hours, collect real-time feedback, and increase engagement.

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  • For Membership Organizations

    Make it easier to run events and keep track of who attends, how long they were there for, and if they enjoyed the event.

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  • For Businesses

    Keep events running smoothly by making sure staff can communicate and respond to attendee issues in real-time.

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