Visitor and Attendance Tracking From Your Smartphone
Virtual Badge can help you track visitors to your facility and gives you easier and smoother running events.
Event Management On A Smartphone 
Virtual Badge Helps You Issue Tickets, Control Access, and Coordinate Your Event Staff
Smartphone Tickets
Download tickets to your event with our convenient smartphone app
Access Control
Easily control access to your event with just your smartphone
Mobile Coordination
Enhance the communication and coordination of your event with Virtual Badge
Boost Engagement
Virtual Badge lets you instantly receive event feedback and suggestions
Event Notifications
Use Virtual Badge to send alerts and messages to event attendees
Reports & Analytics
Generate statistics and reports to gain insights for future event planning
How Virtual Badge Works
Virtual Badge is Anywhere, Anytime - from the classroom to the construction site.  Redefine what badging means with a modern, mobile solution.  Issue Virtual Badges quicker and easier than with any traditional system.  Virtual Badge is the easiest and most economical way to badge and manage your employees, visitors, contractors, and more!
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