Perform Faster Field Service With Virtual Badge
Does your bottom line depend on getting work done as quickly and efficiently as possible?  Have you ever had issues where you couldn't get a technician out to a client in time and you lost the business?  Ever gotten lost on your way to a client's location only to show up late?  All of these problems can really hurt businesses that perform field service.  

When doing field work, it's really important for your people to know where they're going, what they'll be doing, and when they're expected to finish their jobs.  We created Virtual Badge to connect your field workers with the back-office.  Improve your efficiency because you'll be able to perform faster field service.

More Productive Field Service 
Connect your field workers to your back-office with smart badges that let your organization know who is doing what, where, and when. 
Gain situational awareness from knowing when clients request service and when your workers finish their jobs.
Improve your efficiency by sending updates, messages, and tasks to your field workers.  Finish more work with less resources thanks to Virtual Badge.