Instant Data Collection

Data submitted with Virtual Badge is available instantly. Bring traditional business processes into the 21st century by using Virtual Badge forms. VB data collection is quicker and easier than any pen-and-paper method.

Verified Field Observations

All data collected with Virtual Badge is supported by a verified badge ID and contains time/date and location information. Know who did the work, where they did it, and when they did it.

Simple Standardized Data

Virtual Badge data is standardized by you. No more confusing phone calls or trying to decipher handwriting. Data can be exported in several standard formats and integrated into third-party analysis or financial software.

Mobile Access Control

Virtual Badge is the only mobile software that can manage access without dedicated checkpoints. No scanners & no connectivity are required meaning VB can be implemented anywhere.

Easy to Use

Virtual Badge is extremely user friendly and can be used within minutes. We've trained thousands of people on the spot during emergencies-- we're sure your workers won't have any issues.

Download Documentation

Virtual Badge General Information Presentation

This PDF presentation details broad uses of the Virtual Badge platform and details features and benefits.

VB Engineering Brochure

This brochure describes different ways that the Engineering & Construction industry can use Virtual Badge to provide value and efficiency.

Virtual Badge Fact Sheet

This document provides a short list of features and abilities that Virtual Badge can provide to your organization