Mobile Management

Using a mobile app, supervisors can manage all of their organization's Virtual Badges.

Remote Updates

Update Virtual Badge information remotely. Never reprint an ID badge ever again

Customizable & Secure

Each Virtual Badge is customizable and contains advanced security measures.

Rapid Deployment

Deploy Virtual Badge quickly to personnel using the Apple and Google stores.


Virtual Badge QR codes are encrypted and are verified by another VB app, eliminating fraud potential. Virtual Badge uses the same security standards as the banking industry.


Scan a Virtual Badge with another VB app to check them in. No expensive scanning hardware or printers required-- Virtual Badge only requires smartphones.

Remote Control

Remotely issue and revoke badges or expire temporary ones based on a timer. Expired badges no longer work.


Create a team of Virtual Badges and manage people who don’t have the mobile app. Clock them in or out to a job site and manage their access.

No smartphone, no problem.

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