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Use Digital ID Cards For Easier
Home Healthcare Identification

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Use Digital ID Cards To Identify Home Healthcare Workers More Easily

It’s always a good idea to identify home healthcare workers when they show up to provide care. This is especially important when dealing with new patients. Virtual Badge is an easier way to identify home healthcare workers when compared to traditional systems. With digital ID cards, home healthcare organizations can identify their workers, track necessary certifications, and know that each patient was visited by a worker.

  • Admins Define Required Certifications & Documentation To Get Badged
  • Home Healthcare Workers Download App & Request Their Badges
  • Workers Take Selfie Photos & Upload Required Documentation
  • Administrators Can Approve Or Reject Badges & Track Certifications
  • Workers Arrive At Patient's House & Show Digital ID Badge
  • Workers Record Time On Site With Their Digital ID Card

How Can Identity Validations Help Me?

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

  • For Vendor Management

    Issue badges to home healthcare workers so they can identify themselves when they visit patients.

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