Virtual Badge: Your Home Healthcare Aide
When dealing with home healthcare jobs, does your healthcare organization have to sort through tons of paperwork and make a bunch of phone calls every day?  Do you have a hard time knowing what each worker is doing, and making sure they completed the work?  Have you ever had service suffer because you felt like you didn't have a handle on what's going on?

These types of problems can hamper the success of home healthcare organizations.  We created Virtual Badge so that your organization can improve its efficiency and accountability when providing healthcare services.  Instead of double-entering paperwork and making phonecalls, Virtual Badge can help you schedule your workers activities so you always know who is supposed to be where, and that the jobs are getting done.

Home Healthcare Made Easy
Issue Virtual Badges to your home healthcare workers to stay connected and up to date with their Activities.
Send tasks easily and know instantly when your workers have completed their jobs.  track time spent at jobs to improve accountability.
Gain situational awareness about what your home healthcare workers are doing and can use this data to improve efficiency and coordination.