Virtual Badge Is Your Hospital Access Watchdog
Does your healthcare organization have trouble tracking access into your facilities?  Is it hard to track all of the vendors and visitors coming and going?  Are there people wandering into restricted areas they aren't supposed to be in?  Managing hospital access can be an annoying job that has many safety and security consequences.

Instead of issuing paper or plastic visitor cards and dealing with registration lines, wouldn't it be useful to know who was coming, who they were seeing, and when they will arrive?  Virtual Badge can help your healthcare organization track hospital access easier than with any traditional system because smart badges are easy to issue and track.  Communicate with people at your facility, manage visitors, and improve safety and security.
Monitor Hospital Access With Virtual Badge
Issue Virtual Badges to your visitors and vendors, and connect your organization to the people who visit your facilities.
Know when people will be arriving and who they'll be seeing, because Virtual Badge helps you automatically manage your visitors.
Communicate with your badge-holders, expire badges remotely, and generate access logs so you can improve security and safety at your healthcare organization.