Whether your organization is a service business, membership association, or volunteer group, issuing credentials can be a huge benefit. Credentials provide proof of X skill or Y competency and demonstrate that a person has met certain criteria or has met specific standards. By requiring and storing credentials, organizations can reduce risk and improve organizational knowledge. Certifications and credentials help improve the quality of service, product, and client interactions, regardless of industry. Credentials are also a big way that employers and consumers evaluate how “good” a business or organization actually is.

Connecting People With Jobs

Credentials help employers connect the right people with the right job. By requiring your people to show proof of their certifications, your organization can ensure, for instance, that your contract drivers have a commercial driver’s license and your delivery drivers have their food handler’s certificate. Any type of license, certificate, competency test, or skill can be turned into a digital credential that can be vetted by your organization and then displayed to the public at large. Knowing who has what skills can be very important to getting the right people on the right jobs.

Reducing Risk and Liability

Reducing risk, liability, and exposure to issues is really important for any organization. Credentials can help by helping organizations validate their people and their information. For complex and skill-intensive jobs, requiring credentials can mean the difference between hiring underwater welders who have licenses and ones who don’t. Reduced risk and liability are benefits for any organization. For instance, requiring OSHA certifications from construction contractors can lead to reduced insurance costs due to proper safety documentation. Requiring and storing credentials can help any organization reduce their exposure and liability.

Marketing and Improved Visibility

Implementing a credentialing program at your organization can be a valuable investment beyond skill/certification tracking and reducing organizational risk, and can be used to promote your organization at large. For instance, a credentialing program that validates and background checks contractors can be marketed as a reason to use your organization. Various credentials collected by your organization can be promoted as a way that your organization does services safer, better, or more easily.