How Mizner Country Club Safely Put On Weddings During COVID-19

Case Study: How Mizner Country Club Safely Put On Weddings During COVID-19

Case Study: How Mizner Country Club Safely Put On Weddings During COVID-19


Mizner Country Club is a premier residential community based in Delray Beach, FL. Mizner’s grounds are often a destination spot for weddings, formal parties, and other events. With beautiful landscaping, high end facilities, and full service catering, the Mizner Country Club is an ideal spot for your event or get together.


With a global pandemic on the loose, Mizner’s management staff had to figure out a way to continue hosting events, which are a large revenue source. The Mizner team had to solve the following problems:

1) Keep everyone on-site (staff & attendees) healthy & safe
2) Follow all federal, state, and local laws & regulations for COVID-19
3) Provide peace-of-mind to everyone at the event so they feel safe
4) Allow Mizner Country Club to market that they can still host events


Luckily, Mizner’s staff already had a solution for COVID-19: Virtual Badge. In fact, Mizner Country Club has been using Virtual Badge for more than 3 years as a way to badge vendors, staff, and visitors who come into the club. With Virtual Badge, management already had the capability to:

1) Pre-vet anyone coming into the club & issue them a badge before they show up
2) Know where people go when they get on-site

All Mizner Country Club had to do was take advantage of Virtual Badge’s credentialing capabilities to implement a COVID-19 solution. Virtual Badge already allows a client to define a list of required “credentials” (IE- certifications, policy approvals, or other documentation) that must be completed before a badge can be issued.

The Virtual Badge has already been used as a COVID-19 solution for large events like the Breeder’s Cup, so the VB team was already familiar with how to help Mizner.

The VB team added the following requirements for any event attendee to complete before they could get an ID badge that let them attend the event:

1) Mizner Event Guest Policy
2) Voluntary Waiver & Release of Liability
3) Mizner Club Policies & Procedures
4) COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire
5) COVID-19 Testing Questionnaire
6) Decision To COVID-19 Test at Mizner Country Club
7) If Not, Upload Recent COVID-19 Negative Test Result


Mizner has been hosting events for most of 2020 thanks to Virtual Badge. Because every attendee is required to complete these credentials, Mizner was able to host events while still being compliant with laws and regulations. Mizner has been proud that nobody has contracted COVID-19 at any of their events.