How Virtual Badge Improves Trust, Safety & Compliance Thru Background Checks

How Virtual Badge Improves Trust, Safety & Compliance Thru Background Checks

How Virtual Badge Improves Trust, Safety & Compliance Thru Background Checks


Have you ever accidentally hired a criminal? No one wants to hire bad actors, as it hurts both your company’s reputation but also can lead to problems down the line that you never even imagined. Often, background screening and drug testing processes are too complex and sometimes because of this, it’s just easier to skip it altogether.

Most businesses require a background check or drug test when hiring new employees or contractors, and this usually integrated into the company’s HR system. What doesn’t happen is providing that worker with a real-time compliance display.

Virtual Badge Enhances Background Checks

In comes Virtual Badge, which can link directly to your company’s background screening, drug testing, or applicant tracking system. Using Virtual Badge’s integrations, organizations can automatically issue digital employee ID cards only if the worker passes their background screening. Workers can then show their real-time compliance by displaying their Virtual Badge. Once the ID badge has been issued, if the worker commits a violation or crime, their badge can be automatically revoked.

Virtual Badge’s background check & drug test integrations greatly simplify the worker vetting process, resulting in automatic management and risk reduction.

Mobile Background Check Solutions

Employers have an obligation to provide a competent workforce and a safe work environment for their people and their customers. It has become standard for employers to use comprehensive background check tools like criminal record checks, prior employment verifications, and other research tools to reveal any potential problems.

While background screening has become normalized throughout many industries, gaps still exist which can negate their benefits, such as:

1) Workers committing crimes after they have already passed their checks
2) Employers processing checks takes too long and is too complicated

Virtual Badge is a mobile background check system. With Virtual Badge, your organization can improve safety & security by automatically issuing ID badges based on a background check or drug test result. To reduce even more risk, add ongoing monitoring to each ID badge. With Virtual Badge, you can make sure that your workers are always screened and always stay compliant.