Virtual Badge Helps You Identify Bad Apples At Your Job-Sites
If you have to onboard a lot of temporary workers for a construction job that's about to begin, it can be a real pain to make sure every worker is safe to be on-site.  In an increasingly chaotic world, it's never been more important to make sure that the people working for your organization are properly vetted and safe to be on-site.

Virtual Badge helps you easily issue a background check to onboard new workers.  Normally the background check process is complicated and takes way more time than it should.  Not with Virtual Badge.  You can quickly know who is good to work and do it all electronically and remotely.  Separate the good apples from the bad by using Virtual Badge.
Background Check Your Workers More Easily With Virtual Badge
Issue Virtual Badges to your workers and contractors and pair a background check to their online badge application.
Manage the entire onboarding process remotely.  Virtual Badge means you'll never need waste time issuing paper or plastic badges ever again.
Easily sort out which workers belong at your job sites and which ones don't.  Virtual Badge takes the headaches out of  construction personnel management.