Contractor Payments Made Easy

Interchecks Is Everything You Need To Pay 1099s

1099 Compliant Contractor Payments

Virtual Badge and Interchecks make it easy for you to pay your contractors and manage 1099 compliance.

After income is earned and approved on Virtual Badge, contractors will be offered multiple on-demand payouts via numerous options including direct deposit, digital check, paper check, instant deposit and more.

Prior to accepting their first payment, contractors will be prompted to complete a W9 that is verified in real-time with the IRS. At year-end, Virtual Badge and Interchecks can file 1099s for you on your behalf.

Put your contractor payments and 1099 compliance on autopilot with Virtual Badge and Interchecks.

Dramatically Lower Your Contractor Payout Costs

Collecting and managing payment and tax data takes time. In 2016, Bank of America estimated a total cost per check of $4-20 with hard costs only making up less than $1.00 of the total. By automating this process for you, Virtual Badge can lower your costs by up to 86%.

Save more than $1.00 per payout by offering electronic alternatives to checks like direct deposit and digital checks. Research shows that 85% of contractors would do more work if paid instantly or same-day. Reduce turnover by getting your contractors paid quickly through Virtual Badge.

  • Mobile-Based Contractor Payments
  • Store Contractor Wage + Track Their Hours
  • Eliminate Soft Costs
  • Reduce Hard Costs
  • Faster Payouts Reduce Turnover

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

In Healthcare

Pay vendors and contractors much more quickly and easily than with traditional payroll and HR systems.

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For Contractors

Take far less administrative time, effort, and money to pay contractors that do work for your organization.

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In Construction

Make it easier for your organization to send money and even easier contractors and subs to receive funds.

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