Improve Safety & Security By Knowing Who is On-Site
Managing job sites can be a challenge especially if you have different visitors, contractors, and VIP's coming regularly.  Without proper accountability, knowing who is on-site now and who will be coming soon can be a real pain.

Virtual Badge is an easy way for to improve the safety and security at your job sites.  You can easily export PDF attendance reports with detailed information about who is coming on-site and for how long they stay. 
What Is Virtual Badge? Track Site Access Now
Virtual Badge Helps You Track Site Attendance Easily
Download the Virtual Badge app and request a badge to enter your job site.  It's that easy.
Use your smartphone to track site attendance either automatically or via a badge scan.  No external scanners or proprietary hardware required.
Download attendance reports for each of your job sites that tell you who they are, what company they are with, and how long they stayed for.