Keep Healthcare Vendors Compliant With Virtual Badge
Healthcare organizations have a lot of vendors constantly coming and going, and it's often very difficult to check that these HCIR reps are properly credentialed.  It can be a real pain to manage multiple credentials and people at the same time.  It's especially difficult if vendors have a lot of turnover and temporary workers.  Gaps in compliance can be costly and really hurt your organization and reputation.

We designed Virtual Badge so you don't have to worry about vendor credentialing and compliance issues.  Instead of making phone calls, sorting through credentialing paperwork, and constantly issuing plastic badges, Virtual Badge helps to automate the credentialing process.  Your vendors will be instantly notified when they need to get a new test or submit a new credential, and they can do it all from their smartphone.  Dealing with compliance can be a real chore, but with Virtual Badge, it doesn't have to be.

Virtual Badge: Vendor Credentialing Made Easy
Issue Virtual Badges to your healthcare vendors and require them to upload all relevant credentials.
Your vendors can easily display their Virtual Badge to show compliance and be checked in to each healthcare facility for attendance tracking.
Virtual Badge lets your organization enforce compliance for vendors, know when to re-issue badges, and track vendor access to your facilities.