Virtual Badge Helps You Manage Worker Skills 
Managing worker skills is a big part of running a successful business.  Not having a way to know what skills and certifications your workers have can hurt the bottom line by causing delays, compliance issues, and more.  For instance, you may not know that your backhoe driver is missing his CDL or that your surveyor team is also qualified to do construction engineering & inspection duties.    

Virtual Badge can help you plug these gaps by being an easy way for to manage your worker skills and documentation.  With Virtual Badge, you'll know exactly who can do which job, and you'll always be able to know what your workforce is capable of. 
Manage Worker Skills More Easily
Have your people upload their certifications, licenses, and documentation when they request a Virtual Badge from your organization.
Use Virtual Badge to organize your people based on their skills and certifications.
Be more accurate with your work, start projects sooner, and never worry about whether or not your people are qualified.