Mobile Forms And Surveys
Sorting through paperwork can be really annoying and take a long time.  Imagine how long it could take to find a particular document that was filed away months ago.  If you're managing a large workforce, knowing who did what work can also be a challenge, especially when tracking accountability for contractors and temporary workers.

Virtual Badge's smartphone IDs can help solve data management problems for your organization.  Rather than dealing with complex onboarding paperwork and tons of job detail handouts, Virtual Badge can help your organization eliminate pen and paper and replace it with mobile forms and surveys which are much more convenient.  Virtual Badge helps your workers upload photos, sign documents, and much more, and every document is always available instantly.

Virtual Badge is the world's first smartphone ID badging solution.  Know who did what work and when they completed it.  With Virtual Badge, you can spend less time managing paperwork and more time running operations.
Mobile Forms And Surveys
Eliminate Pen and Paper at your Organization Today!
Electronic Forms And Surveys
Complete paperwork on your smartphone because it's easier and saves time.
All submitted data is available anywhere, anytime.
Workforce Management
Send assignments and tasks to your workers on the fly.  No more last minute phone calls.
Upload photos to reports and stop being annoyed by managing photo files.
All forms and surveys contain GPS coordinates and time/date of submittal.
Virtual Badge makes it easier to know who did what work and when they did it.