No Hassles, No Worries Personnel Management
Have you ever had to deal with collecting old badges from employees who either quit or were fired?  How annoying!  It's also a security risk to some organizations if old badges are still in use.  Collecting additional information from new employees or providing validation for trainings can also be a real pain.

We made Virtual Badge because we know all about the pain and annoyances of dealing with personnel and administration issues.  Forget about requiring paperwork to be submitted or collecting old, expired badges.  The future is here, with Virtual Badge.
Avoid The Hassles And Pain That Come With Personnel Management
Allow your people to upload information you require when they request their Virtual Badge so you don't have to deal with paperwork.
De-activate Virtual Badges remotely when your people finish a contract job or quit, and never collect an expired badge ever again.
Stay in contact with all of your badge-holders at all times.