Onboard Your People Quicker And Get Them Working ASAP
Managing personnel and the documentation required to onboard them to begin work can be extremely annoying.  Large amounts of time can be wasted due to waiting for documents to arrive in the mail, or when workers are required to onboard at a physical location.

Virtual Badge can help save your organization from the headaches of needing to onboard large amount of workers.  With Virtual Badge, your onboarding process can be entirely mobile, which can save you precious time and money.  Onboard your workers quicker by using Virtual Badge today!
Virtual Badge Helps You Onboard Your Workers Quicker And Easier
Download the Virtual Badge app and request a badge from your company to begin the onboarding process.  It's that easy.
Virtual Badge lets you use your smartphone to manage worker badges, documentation, and credentials.
Download reports for each of your jobs that tell you who worked, what certifications they have, and how long they worked for.