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Use Digital ID Cards To Prove
Compliance & Protect Against Audits

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Virtual Badge Keeps Your Organization Prepared For EHS & OSHA Audits

Virtual Badge is designed to eliminate compliance issues and protect against audits. Digital ID cards can store personnel records, track worker certifications, and prove that work was done correctly. Create exports to show information like who worked on-site, who has current certifications, and which jobs were done correctly. With Virtual Badge you’ll have tools to improve compliance for every worker.

  • Admins Define Required Certifications, Documentation & Licenses For The Job-Site
  • Workers & Contractors Download Virtual Badge & Request Their Badges
  • Workers Upload Required Certifications, Documentation & Licenses
  • Workers Acknowledge Site & Safety Rules
  • Admins Verify Worker Credentials & Issue Badges To Workers
  • Workers Can Document Safety Issues & Display Compliance
  • In The Event Of Any Audit, Admins Can Export Proof of Compliance & Safety

What Kind Of Certifications Can I Track With Digital ID Cards?

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

  • For Healthcare

    Store proof in real-time that workers are compliant and have accepted the rules & procedures at your facilities.

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  • For Contractors

    Reduce overall risk by keeping contractors compliant with state requirements & have accepted your job-site rules.

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  • For Construction

    Make EHS managers' lives easier because they'll be able to prove that workers are compliant and following procedure.

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