Track EHS & Safety Training With An ID Card For Each Worker

Use Digital ID Badges To Protect
Your Organization From Non-Compliance

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Digital ID Badges Standardize Safety Management Across Each Job-Site

Virtual Badge protects organizations by providing proof that everyone is compliant with safety rules and regulations. Using the Virtual Badge mobile app, workers can upload their the documentation, certifications, and licenses that your organization requires. Once a digital ID badge has been issued, a worker can show their badge and associated certifications to any auditor or supervisor. When a certification goes out of date, Virtual Badge will notify both the worker and the administrator, so everyone can be proactive. If a worker can show their Virtual Badge, they are in real-time compliance, it’s that easy.

  • Admins Define Compliance Requirements & Site Rules Inside Virtual Badge
  • Workers Download The App & Request Their Badge From Your Organization
  • Workers Take Selfie Photos & Upload Required Documentation
  • Workers Accept Site & Safety Rules
  • Admins Approve Or Deny Worker ID Badges
  • Workers Can Show Their Badges & Certifications To Prove Compliance
  • Supervisors Can Produce Audit Logs Showing Every Worker’s Compliance

How Can Digital IDs Help Me Be Compliant?

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

  • AAFor HealthcareFor Vendor Management

    Improve compliance and record keeping by having an audit log of every worker or vendor’s compliance.

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  • For Contractors

    Reduce your risk profile by ensuring all contractors follow your job-site safety protocols.

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  • For Schools

    Improve safety at your job-sites by knowing everyone has accepted your safety rules.

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