Make Your Job-Site Safer With Virtual Badge

Mobile Safety Management For Your Workforce

The Problem With Safety Management Today

Keeping a job-site safe while using yesterday's technologies can be an extremely difficult task. Good safety management involves a lot of different variables, all hard to control and manage, and penalties for violations, non-compliance, and accidents can be severe. Often, it's just as difficult to make sure the job-site itself is setup safely as it is to ensure workers are trained and following safety protocol. These problems magnify the larger the job-site and the more contractors and workers involved.

Managing safety using traditional methods like pen-and-paper can cause problems because it can be really hard to keep track of what issues there are and if they're still outstanding. It can be doubly hard to make sure everyone is up to date on safety training, even harder when there are new job-sites and new areas to train on.

Virtual Badge was designed to help managers keep track of safety in a better and easier way than with old-school methods. With Virtual Badge, your safety management process can be mobile and you'll know exactly what's going on. Solve safety management issues today with Virtual Badge.

Virtual Badge: Manage Safety More Effectively

It can be very difficult to manage safety at a job-site and the penalties for non-compliance or accidents can make or break a company. Rather than relying on pen-and-paper and word of mouth from your workers, let Virtual Badge take your safety management program into the 21st century:

  • Workers Request a Virtual Badge From Your Organization
  • Workers Upload Their Safety Documentation & Accept Job-Site Rules
  • Workers Document Safety Issues On-Site
  • Supervisors Record Safety Incidents
  • Managers Assign Corrective Actions
  • Safety Issues Are Dealt With & Logged

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How Do I Use This In The Real World?

In Healthcare

Document safety issues at the facilities you manage and ensure the appropriate people take care of the problems.

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For Contractors

Reduce your organization's risk profile by ensuring all contractors follow all of your job-site safety protocols.

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In Construction

Improve safety management at your job-sites by knowing when issues occur and who is going to fix them.

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