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Controlling access to facilities can be a real challenge.
Virtual Badge is here to help.
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Managing visitors to secure facilities can be a real challenge, because it's difficult to know where people are and communicate with them while on-site.  Take the headaches out of managing security and safety issues at your facility.
Virtual Badge can help your security staff solve problems that cause headaches and issues.  Know where people went while on property, and communicate with them if necessary.  By leveraging the power of smart badges to increase security, Virtual Badge can help your organization reduce your risk exposure when allowing people on-property.  
Manage Access Control and Secure Your Facility With Virtual Badge
Smart Badging
Data Collection
Time Tracking
The Future of Security Management
Virtual Badge can help your security team eliminate headaches.  Your facility can reduce its risk exposure because you'll know exactly what happens and who comes on-site.  Virtual Badge is designed to help you get better security information and respond to issues faster.
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