Simple Event Management With Smart Badges
When running a busy, crowded event, it can be really hard to avoid certain problems and pitfalls, such as huge registration lines, the inability to contact event attendees, and coordination issues with staff when there are issues that must be addressed.  Have you ever experienced issues like this when running an event?

We've experienced these same issues at events and that's why we created Virtual Badge.  By using smart badges, attendees can pre-register, pay, and receive their badges -- all remotely.  Sending messages, updates, and offers to event attendees has never been easier, because you'll be connected to everyone at your event.  Responding to issues is simple - just issue tasks to your staff.  Virtual Badge is an easy, simple way for you to gain more visibility on your events. 

Simple Event Management Makes Your Life Easier
Issue event tickets with Virtual Badge and have your attendees request their badges online.  No lines, and less staff required.
Communicate with attendees during your event by sending messages, offers, and surveys to their Virtual Badges.
Send tasks and updates to your staff easily so you can respond to issues at your event quicker.