Virtual Badge Helps You Skip Paper Time Cards
Do you ever have to deal with time card disputes with your workers?  Did someone forget to clock themselves in or out?  You probably have to manually re-enter information into your payroll software which is annoying and often you won't even know if the reported hours are correct.  There has to be a way to take human error out of time tracking.

Well with Virtual Badge, you can stop using paper time cards, because they're error prone, annoying, and so 1980's.  Instead, issue smart badges to your workers that can automatically track their time while on-site.  It's way  easier for your people, and it'll be a lot simpler for you to click a button to produce a time-log for any employee or contractor.  Virtual Badge can help your organization spend less time on administration and more time on getting jobs done.
Easier Time Tracking For You And Your People
Issue Virtual Badges to your workers so your back-office can be connected to the field at all times.  Smart badges help you gain visibility on your organization.
Automatically track time while your people are on-site.  Don't worry about people forgetting to clock-in and you'll know the hours are 100% accurate.
Add more abilities for auditing your jobs to improve the bottom line and stop dealing with payment disputes because you'll have all the information you need.