Smartphone ID Badges
Dealing with ID badges can be a real pain for both your organization and your people.  Keeping track of plastic badges can be really annoying:  everyone loses badges, re-issuing them is a labor intensive process, and physical badges can be a security concern.  Communication with badge-holders can be next to impossible if they're out in the field or visiting your facility.  

Smartphone ID badges can solve these identity management problems for your organization.  Rather than dealing with issues related to lost badges and staffing badge-making machines, smartphone IDs let your people download their badges and let you manage your onboarding process.

Virtual Badge is the world's first smartphone ID badging solution.  Know who has badges, who is credentialed, and who is on-site at all times.  With Virtual Badge, you can spend less time managing badges and more time running your organization.
Smartphone ID Badges
No Lost Cards, No Badge Printers, No Delays, No Inconvenience
ID Badges
Onboard and display badges with an easy to use mobile app.
All badges, credentials, and more are accessible anywhere, anytime.
Mobile Management
Manage your badges and information from your mobile phone.
Avoid headaches caused by collecting old and temporary badges.
Send alerts and messages to your badge holders at any time.
Credential Management
Store important certifications, licenses, and other validations.