Virtual Badge’s Solution To COVID-19 Construction Mandates

Virtual Badge’s Solution To COVID-19 Construction Mandates

Virtual Badge’s Solution To COVID-19 Construction Mandates

Virtual Badge resolves all government requirements for COVID 19, including collecting, tracking & reporting.


At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a lot of uncertainty. As time went on, many regulations and mandates were set in place to keep everyone safe and avoid exposure to the virus. The construction industry was hit especially hard, as so many workers must be on-site and in close contact with one another. Many projects were put on hold as a result of the mandates.

In search of how to best comply with the regulations, Virtual Badge provided a solution to help employers keep track of their worker’s vaccinations, contact tracing, and other COVID-19 waiver forms required to proceed with construction projects.

Virtual Badge’s Solution

Virtual Badge is a cloud-based app that can instantly deploy ID badges from any location, utilizing a cloud-based portal making its management easier to allow, reject and edit any badges when needed.

To facilitate mandate compliance for construction employers and workers, Virtual Badge provides temporary badges for all personnel needed on the construction sites, making it easier to trace contact when there are reports of Covid cases. It also allows you to verify vaccination, as well as have a report of all employees coming and leaving the site.

COVID-19 mandates have put the construction industry at risk of Jobsite closing, fines, and other potential issues. Utilizing the badges eliminates these risks, and companies are assured that all the guidelines set in place are met without any inconveniences.

How Do The Badges Work?

Virtual Badge provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to request a badge. Each worker is presented with a video explaining how to get a virtual badge. Once the app is downloaded, everyone must provide a picture of themselves and a picture of their government ID. They must also fill out COVID-19 waiver forms that include liability and confirm they present no virus symptoms.

Once each badge is approved, they must present it at the construction site to be scanned by authorized personnel, when they arrive and when they leave, providing a report of all workers who were on-site that day, so everyone is accounted for and aiding to keep projects open successfully.

Virtual Badges Eliminate Risks

Virtual Badge eliminated all liability risk factors for construction companies thanks to their badges. Workers who don’t provide a waiver of liability and confirm they possess no Covid symptoms, cannot get their badges approved and can’t enter the construction site. Making it easier to manage all personnel and effortlessly comply with all federal, state, and local regulations.

With Virtual Badge, it’s easy to manage required employee documentation, manage workers, and assure safety in the workplace. You can learn more at and schedule your free demo!