Streamlined Vendor Credentialing

Eliminate Supplier Credentialing Issues With Virtual Badge

The Problem With Supplier Credentialing In Healthcare

Duplicative and insecure vendor credentialing processes cost the healthcare industry up to $1b per year. It can be a real pain for suppliers to provide multiple versions of the same credentials to access different healthcare networks, and with current processes, there are significant gaps in accuracy, compliance and timeliness. No one wants to deal with delayed patient care, and to have this happen because of credentialing issues is unacceptable. Moreover, current processes may not even be compliant with laws, regulations, policies, and standards. In short, there is a lack of trust and hardly any verification processes to ensure that both suppliers and providers are in compliance.

Streamlined, Accurate, Self-Managed Credentialing

Wouldn't it be easier if suppliers could go direct to provider locations without going through a third party? Most suppliers are already collecting the same credentials for their employees that are required by each different vendor credentialing organization. When multiple third parties are involved, issues get magnified.

Instead of trusting outside parties to validate and vet worker credentials, Virtual Badge lets suppliers directly manage their peoples' credentials and displays compliance in the Virtual Badge mobile app. Virtual Badge provides a standardized, streamlined process to self-manage credentialing that improves accuracy by connecting to the Consortium For Universal Healthcare Credentialing's (C4UHC) database. The C4UHC database supports an ANSI standard for supplier credentialing.

Make Credentialing Easier For Everyone

As A Healthcare Supplier, How Can Virtual Badge Help Me?

Issue Future-Proof Company ID Badges

No lost badges, no purchasing of supplies, and no issues with badging. Digital badges make life easier.

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Collect Credentials More Easily

Reps can upload their credentials directly through the Virtual Badge app - no lost paperwork and delays.

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Create On-Demand Attendance Reports

With Virtual Badge, you can easily download a report that shows which reps went into what facilities.

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Improve Internal Communication

Not knowing contact details, and annoying group texts are a thing of the past with Virtual Badge messaging.

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An ANSI Standard Makes Credentialing Easier For Providers

At this current moment in the healthcare industry, providers generally choose from a list of vendor credentialing organizations from whom they outsource compliance. These third party organizations all have different requirements as they are self certified, which results in significant gaps in accuracy, compliance and timeliness. For instance, current processes might be non-compliant, and this third party verification can lead to security issues like reps using expired badges to enter a facility. To combat this problem, the Consortium For Universal Healthcare Credentialing has developed a standard for vendor credentialing that has now been approved by the American National Standards Institute, which can be used by ANY healthcare provider.

Standardized, Secure Credentialing Is Better

Because current processes for supplier credentialing have significant gaps, a standardized methodology and set of certifications, tests, and licenses is extremely important. Thankfully, C4UHC has pioneered the development of an ANSI standard for healthcare supplier credentialing.

Virtual Badge uses this standard to provide providers with an easier way to let suppliers into their facilities, that won't result in raised prices for products and services. Virtual Badge adds trust and verification into the vendor credentialing process to streamline it and make it easier and cheaper for everyone involved.

Improve Compliance & Safety, Reduce Risk

  • Providers Require the ANSI Standard For Credentialing For Suppliers
  • Vendors Use C4UHC To Upload Credentials
  • Vendors Get Issued Virtual Badges Once They Are Compliant
  • Virtual Badge Manages Compliance & Reduces Risk

Additional Capabilities For Healthcare Providers

Issue Access Badges More Easily

Virtual Badge lets providers issue badges on-demand and can be integrated with joint commission policies.

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Improve Visitor Management

Visitors pre-register for temporary badges, and providers know who they'll be seeing and when they’ll arrive.

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Mobile Facilities Management

Virtual Badge helps with managing construction projects, maintenance, and other tasks all from a smartphone.

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Upgrade Facility Communications

Make it easier to send important messages to employees, contractors, visitors, and more.

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