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Vendor Credentialing

Use Digital ID Cards To Eliminate
Supplier Credentialing Issues

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Digital ID Cards Provide Streamlined, Accurate, Self-Managed Healthcare Credentialing

Duplicative and insecure vendor credentialing processes cost the healthcare industry up to $1b per year. It can be a real pain for suppliers to provide multiple versions of the same credentials to access different healthcare networks, and with current processes, there are significant gaps in accuracy, compliance and timeliness. No one wants to deal with delayed patient care, and to have this happen because of credentialing issues is unacceptable.

Instead of trusting outside parties to validate and vet worker credentials, Virtual Badge lets suppliers directly manage their peoples' credentials and displays compliance in the Virtual Badge mobile app. Virtual Badge provides a standardized, streamlined process to self-manage credentialing that improves accuracy by connecting to the Consortium For Universal Healthcare Credentialing's (C4UHC) database. The C4UHC database supports an ANSI standard for supplier credentialing.

  • Use C4UHC's ANSI Standard For Supplier Credentials
  • Upload HCIR Rep Credentials To The C4UHC Database
  • Virtual Badges Get Automatically Issued To Compliant HCIR Reps
  • Only Use One Badge To Access Participating Provider Locations
  • Providers Require the ANSI Standard For Credentialing For Suppliers
  • Vendors Use C4UHC To Upload Credentials
  • Vendors Get Issued Virtual Badges Once They Are Compliant
  • Virtual Badge Manages Compliance & Reduces Risk

How Can Self-Managed Vendor Credentialing Help My Organization?