Virtual Badge
Identity Verification

Digital ID badges plus facial recognition provide instant identity validation.

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Use On-The-Spot ID Validation & Face-Match Technology To Make Hiring & Verifying Labor A Snap

Instantly validate identities using the Virtual Badge mobile app, and make onboarding and personnel vetting much easier and quicker. By using facial recognition technology, Virtual Badge matches the user's photo to a government issued ID, providing a 100% positive ID match for any digital ID badge. Reduce risk and exposure caused by new hires and provide actionable results using only a smartphone.

  • Enter the Basic Applicant Information
  • Capture Consent
  • Take a Selfie Photo
  • Upload a Photo of Government-Issued ID Card
  • Submit Application
  • Virtual Badge Issued If Identity Positively Matches

How Can Identity Validations Help Me?

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

  • For Vendor Management

    Reduce risk and demonstrate a commitment to safety by making sure that your contractors are always who they say they are.

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  • For Background Checks

    Connect Virtual Badge identity verification to additional background screening services for extra protection.

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  • For Schools

    Provide an additional level of security validation for vendors, volunteers, and visitors who access your facilities.

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