How-To:  Eliminate Time Tracking Issues By Using Virtual Badge

Tracking and managing the time that workers spend on-site is extremely important for many businesses as issues with time tracking can directly affect the bottom line.  Pen-and-paper time tracking provides no dispute resolution, and most other traditional methods require workers to use a time-card or "punch in" at a physical terminal.  This works for some organizations, but you can't install a time-clock at every single job-site or location your workers visit.  This article will show you how to eliminate time-tracking issues for your organization by using Virtual Badge.

Tracking Time Per Project / Site

It can be extremely difficult to track time for multiple workers across multiple job-sites, especially when dealing with sub-contractors.  The chance of a dispute over billable time can grow exponentially if traditional methods are used.  Often, there is no way to provide accountability or audit what actually happened on-site, and any dispute resolution results in wasted time and lost revenue.  

Virtual Badge provides a way to track and organize time spent by workers on each project or site, and does this seamlessly by using your smartphone.  Virtual Badge lets your organization issue badges for each type of worker you have, and create different job-sites that can be checked in and out of.  Because Virtual Badge works on smartphones, when a worker arrives on-site, their time can automatically be tracked until they leave.  Simplify time tracking with Virtual Badge and easily know how much time each worker spent on-site. 

Geo-Based TimeTracking

Virtual Badge can help eliminate tedious tasks related to time-tracking, such as remembering to sign-in and out or needing a supervisor to scan badges.   Virtual Badge can be set to automatically sense when a worker has entered and left a job-site, and record how long they were there. 

Eliminate sign-in sheets and manual processes because Virtual Badge can automatically sense who is on-site.  With geo-based time tracking, your organization can spend less time with administration and more time focusing on completing projects.

No External Hardware Needed (Except Your Smartphone)

Normally, tracking access and time with more than a sign-in sheet requires expensive scanners, printers, and other hardware.  These systems take time to implement and setup, and often require plenty of staff dedicated to manage access or registrations.

Not with Virtual Badge: everything you need to manage access and track time for your event or project can be accessed from our app on your smartphone.  Issue badges, onboard workers, and scan badges to track access, all from your smartphone.  

Start Issuing Virtual Badges Today!
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