Monitoring Tools For Tracking Certifications, Licenses & Attestations

Use Digital IDs To Track & Verify Compliance
With Regulatory Requirements

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Digital ID Badges Track Compliance: If A Worker Has An Active Virtual Badge, They Are Compliant

Digital ID badges are a solution to track compliance with regulations like OSHA, HIPAA, and many other legal requirements. Virtual Badge lets workers upload their documentation, certifications, and attest that they have acknowledged safety rules. Once a digital ID badge is issued, a worker can show their compliance to any auditor or supervisor. If a worker can show an issued Virtual Badge, then they will be compliant with your organization’s rules and regulations.

  • Administrators Create Custom Virtual Badge Onboarding Process To Collect Certifications
  • Employees, Workers, Contractors, And Volunteers Create A Virtual Badge Account And Request Their Badges
  • Workers Take Selfie Photos & Upload Required Credentials, Documentation, Or Certifications
  • Administrators Verify Uploaded Documentation & Approve / Issue ID Badges
  • Once Approved, Workers Can Show Their Certifications In The Virtual Badge Mobile App
  • If A Certification Is About To Expire, The Worker & Administrators Will Be Alerted
  • If A Certification Expires, The Worker’s Virtual Badge Can Be Set To Automatically Deactivate
  • When The Certification Is Updated And Approved, The Worker’s Virtual Badge Will Reactivate

How Can Tracking Compliance With Virtual Badge Help Me?

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

  • For Construction

    Make your HR department’s job quicker and easier because they’ll always know who is compliant.

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  • For Healthcare

    Make sure workers have up to date credentials when they do work so you stay compliant.

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  • For Contractors

    Reduce risk with a contractor program by using Virtual Badge to manage their requirements.

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