Penalties For Non-Compliance Are Huge. Are Your Workers Compliant?

Virtual Badge Verifies Worker Compliance So Managers Never Have To Guess

Digital IDs prove compliance on the job-site -- If the worker has a Virtual Badge, they’re good to go.

Tracking EHS & OSHA compliance for workers at a busy construction site can be extremely challenging. With hundreds of workers coming in and out from multiple contractors plus a ton of regulatory requirements, sometimes compliance falls by the wayside. That's bad because penalties are severe, but no one really wants to have to check each worker every day to make sure they're correctly certified. Then, there are the limitation of any traditional system for managing compliance: there's no way to update a physical reference such as a plastic ID badge, so supervisors can't know if a badge is valid or not.

Enter Virtual Badge: If the worker has a Virtual Badge, they're compliant. With digital IDs, worker compliance for certifications, procedures, and rules are tied to the worker, which means if a license or certification goes out of date, their badge will expire until the worker has recertified. Managers and workers get notified when it's time to get a new certification, which provides a clear audit trail for following up on who still needs a credential. Prove compliance at the job-site with Virtual Badge, the first smartphone ID badging system.

  • Administrators choose which licenses & certifications to collect from workers
  • Workers apply for their Virtual Badges by downloading the mobile app
  • Workers upload any required documentation or credentials
  • Workers agree to any job-site rules or safety acknowledgements
  • Supervisors review information & issue Virtual Badges to the workers
  • Workers use Virtual Badge to show their compliance on-site in real-time
  • If worker's certification or license goes out of date, their Virtual Badge will deactivate
  • When the worker uploads a new valid license, their Virtual Badge will re-activate

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How Do I Use This In The Real World?

In Healthcare

Make sure employees, vendors, and contractors have up to date credentials so they can visit your facilities.

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For Contractors

Reduce contractor risk by easily managing the regulatory compliance for any contractor who works at your sites.

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In Construction

Make your HR department’s job easier because they’ll always know that every worker is compliant with your rules.

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